Friday, March 10, 2006

Fitzgerald and Green: Chumps for Ethanol

In my opinion (and I do not think I am alone in saying this) the ethanol mandate has been a source of public embarrassment for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. It just goes to show you that in one area we are no different then the Democrats in this state – special interests. The Republican Party of Wisconsin has been bought and sold by the transportation industry – simple as that. From the standpoint of a true conservative, the ethanol mandate should be a no brainer. Someone try informing Scott Fitzgerald about that. I have nothing against Mr. Fitzgerald personally. I’ve met him a few times and thought he was a pretty decent individual. But this goes against conservative principles and I just can’t stand by and let that slide.

The same holds true in regards to Mark Green, candidate for the governorship of the state of Wisconsin. As much as I admire Daniel Suhr over at, his blind faith in Mark Green is troubling to say the least. In regards to the ethanol mandate, Mark Green said he “wouldn't support any ethanol requirement if it adds to the regulatory burden on business”. And as to why he supportive of ethanol, he said, “98% of all the gasoline in America is totally petroleum-based. There is no choice right now.... I want to see people have real choices”. If this sounds like a load of horse crock, it is. The American Mind has a wonderful analysis of why Green’s statements don’t add up. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, also a candidate for the governorship of the state of Wisconsin, has rightly been critical of Green and his stance in defense of the ethanol mandate. Though I suspect this will hardly be the deciding factor in the primary race for the governorship of the state of Wisconsin, this definitely doesn’t help Green’s image in Walker country.