Thursday, March 9, 2006

Sen. Clinton Slams GOP Immigration Bill

I do not know who Senator Clinton thinks she is trying to fool with this one but it is sure as Hell not working this time. Illegal immigration made this country great, she says. Note the word ILLEGAL! That’s what made our country great?! My, aren’t we in a sorry state of affairs if that is the case.

Right now the benefits of crossing the US-Mexican border illegally vastly outweigh any costs which might be imposed on those who are caught. Yes, Professor John McAdams’ American Public Policy course, and, to a lesser degree, my Micro-Economics course, has ‘warped my fragile little mind’ to quote Eric Cartman from South Park. The worst thing we can do to those who are caught is to ship them back to Mexico, only for them to try again the next day. We have to create an environment that is entirely inhospitable to illegal immigrants.

The following however is my favorite part of the article …

The senator also sent a four-page public letter to constituents outlining her views on immigration. In the letter, she shied away from specifics but said she does support allowing at least some of the estimated 11 million undocumented workers to earn citizenship.

Yeah, take careful note of the phrase ‘undocumented workers’. In other words, Mrs. Clinton, don’t you mean ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!