Thursday, October 13, 2005

Barrett Taken to the Cleaners ... Again

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this morning that a Milwaukee firm is leading the charge to create a citywide wireless computer network that would come at no charge to city taxpayers. However, investigative journalism is not something the Journal Sentinel is famous for, so in comes the conservative in pajamas to finish the job. What the Journal Sentinel fails to report is that the firm which has offered to set up this wireless network throughout the city is only guaranteeing a connection. In other words, computer users would only be able to gain a signal and would not be able to actually surf the internet. In order to do that, they would have to pay for the service through separate internet providers. And what is ‘Major’ Tom Barrett’s opinion on this? He’s being taken to the cleaners wholesale. And who is going to have to end up paying for his gullibility and insufficient consumerism in the future because of this? If you live in the city of Milwaukee, take a long look in the mirror and you’ll have your answer.