Thursday, October 13, 2005

Kennedy: I'll Support Kerry in 2008 Race

It’s official! John Kerry, the current senator from the state of Massachusetts and the one-time presidential loser, no longer has a shot at the presidency, let alone the Democratic nomination, in 2008. Yeah, I know big surprise. What with Hillary the front-runner and all, right? There was still however a minimal chance (it may have been minuscule but it was still a chance) someone could sneak up and steal the nomination away from her. The Clinton camp can now breathe a collective sigh of relief after Senator Ted Kennedy (Jabba the Hut) officially endorsed Kerry for the Democratic ticket in 2008 yesterday. Kennedy, much like Gore and Moore before him, and his endorsement act as a death sentence for anyone he touches. An endorsement from Kennedy, much like ones from Al Gore and Michael Moore before him, act as a death sentence for any candidate it so chooses.