Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flood Gates in 1965 Ended By Environmental Wackos

Following the onslaught of Hurricane Betsy which struck the Gulf Coast back in 1965, politicians from the state of Louisiana determined the levees were unable to hold back the waters which could easily engulf the city of New Orleans in the event of a category-three hurricane or higher and that flood gates were necessary in order to divert water should the city become flooded. At the time the project would have cost taxpayers only eighty-five million dollars, chump change compared to what it is estimated to cost today, but environmental groups, specifically Save Our Wetlands, determined this would be too damaging to the surrounding wetlands and that the lives of alligators and the preservation of wetlands was far more important the saving of human life in the future. So, after much protest, Louisiana politicians were forced to put a halt to the project. Whoops!