Thursday, September 15, 2005

Underage Drinking, Immoral?

Without going into much detail, I got into somewhat of a heated political debate at work with a fellow Wal-Mart employee. Yes, it is against store policy for employees to take on topics of political discussion but once you have worked there for a few months like I have you will begin to realize that there is undoubtedly a pension for directly disobeying these policy measures without so much as a reprimand from managers or assistant managers. These policies are more in place to maintain a specific social environment for our customers and to fend off the encroachment of unions, which, according to Wal-Mart’s training videos, are more or less the tools of the devil himself. Among our fellow employees however no heed when it comes to policies of political correctness. There are no complaints and everyone attempts to be as respectful as they can with each other, even when they do not particularly enjoy each other.

In any event, what a fellow employee of mine said was that President Bush directly lied to the American people in expressing a message of morality in his 2000 presidential campaign insisting that his daughters were good Christian girls when in fact they had been arrested several times in the state of Texas for underage drinking. If underage drinking goes that strictly against moral teachings then practically every college in the nation is going straight to Hell in a hand basket. Though I do not approve of underage drinking or binge drinking in general, I can not side with the argument that underage drinking is distinctly immoral, even for the daughters of the man who would go on to be President of the United States. Former vice-president Al Gore has it worse off with his children, that's for damn sure.

Of course the political discussion went a lot more in-depth then this but those are topics of discussion that I would like to withhold for later this weekend when I have more time in which to properly explain the events which took place.