Saturday, August 20, 2005

Political Blogs: Progressives Leave Conservatives in the Dust

Brandon Henak of has recently written on the subject of politically oriented blogs and pointed out how the left-wing commentaries, at least as far as those stemming from within the Marquette community itself are concerned, have gone eerily silent as of late. I myself have noticed this as well, though I suspect things should begin to pick up again, at least at 1832 and The Smoking Room, once the school year begins early next month – The Radical Centrist, on the other hand, I am not quite as sure of. However, conservative reassurances that the blog universe has and will remain safely a Republican operated world may be a bit premature. According to the survey conducted by the New Politics Institute, over the last two years progressive internet activism via blogs has grown at a far quicker pace then conservative ones. Despite Republicans holding a considerable dominance by the year 2003, the progressive blogosphere grew “from less than as big as the conservative blogosphere, to nearly double its size”.