Wednesday, May 4, 2005

The Marquette Gold?!

I warned everyone that there stood a large chance that the Board of Trustees would bow to the level of the politically correct crowd. But as pessimistic as I was at the prospects of the Warrior nickname returning to this hollowed university I never once imagined that they would have sunk as low as they did today. After forcing a decent-sized crowd of students and alumni to wait for over an hour in the entrance way of the Alumni Union Hall, Father Wild delivered the announcement that the college campus’ nickname would be changed to … Gold! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; we are now officially the Marquette Gold! If only you could have seen the blank expressions on the faces of the crowd starring at the television screen with their jaws agape in disbelief as Father Wild made the announcement this evening. Honestly, is this some kind of sick, twisted joke by the Board of Trustees? Ask yourself this: When has a university which has named itself after a COLOR ever been taken seriously in the academic system? Never! That’s due to the fact that no Board of Trustees has been as spineless or pathetic enough to have named their college campus after a color … until now! If the Board of Trustees was afraid to make a decision on the issue due the possibility of a severe PR backlash occurring on the chance they decided to reinstall the Warrior nickname, they officially have an even more volatile situation on their hands … an upheaval from within both the alumni and student body of the university, though it will be the alumni side that will hurt them the most. This issue is not over yet, not even close! The Board of Trustees was to have made a decision on whether to reinstall the Warrior nickname or not. It was that damn simple but they could not even be trusted with that. They had no reason to change the name to something that was not even on the table from either side. As stated, we [the Students for Warriors] would have preferred to have gone with the Golden Chickens … I mean, Golden Eagles then to have been stuck with the Marquette Gold. That is not even imaginative! Hell, a five year old could choose a name like that. I hope to God that the Board of Trustees at this university is not made up of five-year old babbling idiots, but seriously I would not rule out the possibility right about now.

UPDATE: “The board of trustees at Marquette University has bowed to the PC crowd and failed to return to the warriors, not to mention ingoring the the students and alumni of this university. They have renamed the our team the Marquette Gold. This is worse than the Golden Eagles. Marquette students are extremely dissapointed in the board’s choice and are outraged that we had no voice in this decision. Therefore, this petition to the Board of Trustees at Marquette University is a request to allow us, the students of Marquette, to decide the mascot by vote, as you did the last time a mascot was levied on Marquette without any input from the students.”
Sign the Petition to Let Marquette University Students Decide!

Danny Manson (who is standing right in front of me, just so you know) reacts to the stunning decision by the Board of Trustees at Marquette University