Friday, April 29, 2005

Public Service Announcement Shoot with Scott Walker

In spite of starting off the morning on the wrong foot (waking up much later then I had anticipated), I felt wonderful by the middle of the afternoon having just wrapped up work for the County Executive’s office. Being an extra in the public service announcement commercial with County Executive Scott Walker (no one need fret over my lack of acting skills – I am merely an individual in the background) was an amazing change of pace from the use drudge of scanning invitations and writing up regret letters. Don’t get me wrong, I love working as an intern there. In fact I will continue working there over the summer (obviously for fewer days but longer hours then I am now). But the melancholy work of writing regret letters and such can be tedious at times or downright boring after so many weeks. Things like this truly keep me energized for the job. Below are some of the photos I took during the shoot. I also want to take the time now and thank Dashal Young, director of community relations, and Matt O’Malley from the County Executive’s office for giving me the privilege to be a part of this experience. Thanks again!

Me with County Executive Scott Walker at the taping

Voice recording for the radio spot

They needed to hear him smiling ...

Me and Crystal (a senior at Marquette University whose mentor is Dashal Young, director of community relations at the County Executive's office)

Me and Crystal (we were extras in the public service announcement commercial)