Wednesday, May 4, 2005

MUCRs’ Academic Diversity Display

Noticed the following display by Raynor Library a couple of days ago, so I decided to snap a few digital photos and post them here on the weblog. I will allow to fill you in on the meaning of this particular display …
In an ongoing effort to emphasize the huge liberal bias on today’s college campuses, the Marquette University College Republicans have put up a visual representation of recent statistics regarding the ratio of liberal to conservative college professors. This Academic Diversity Display (as it was registered with OSD), is set up between the Raynor and Memorial libraries on Wisconsin Avenue.

The display consists of 60 blue sheets of paper on stakes with a white apple shape on them to represent 60 liberal professors and 2 red sheets to represent the 2 conservative professors. It alos includes a larger sign that cites the study of 1678 professors used for the professor ratio (60:2 or 30:1).

The 30:1 ratio also applies to anthropology departments well other departments have other ratios, these statistics provide a stark picture of the political environment on campus.

The display also includes a sign that states “Think for yourself” that is meant to encourage students not to fall victim to the political views their professors often include in their daily lectures.