Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Peace with Honor: Part Deux?

This morning the Iraq Study Group released their report.

You can either purchase the report in book-form (similar to the 9/11 Commission Report) here:

Or you can view the whole report online for free here.

The Counterterrorism blog has put together an effective list of link sources for those interested in the Iraq Study Group as well as some blogger comments on the release of the report.

Pardon me while I laugh at the very thought of ‘constructively discussing’ the stabilization of Iraq with Iran and Syria, partners in the Axis of Evil. Yeah, that worked out so well with Chamberlain and Hitler with the prospect of World War II looming over Europe. Iran and Syria are what is fueling the insurgency in Iraq to begin with. And we’re suppose to work with these monsters?

In their press conference this morning the study group (led by the nine grumpy old men and the wicked witch of the west, Sandra Day O’Connor - clever, aren't I?) believed that even though talks with Iran would be useless, we should do so anyway to show to the world (for the one-hundredth time I suppose) that Iran has blatantly refused to cooperate with the United States in stabilizing Iraq. If we know for a fact that Iran won’t cooperate then why bother with this charade in the first place? Isn’t that basically talking just for the sake of talking? This somehow feels familiar … Oh, right, this is exactly what the United Nations and the hippie liberals wanted to do when Saddam Hussein refused to cooperate with weapons inspectors for the one-hundredth time since the end of the Gulf War. Notice how they never discuss what our actions will be toward Iran if they refuse to cooperate. I am sure members of the study group will write them an angry letter telling them how angry they are. I am sure President Tom will file that away somewhere.

The study group made it clear this morning that they did not intend to reduce policy in Iraq to ninety-second sound-bites like ‘cut-and-run’ or ‘stay-the-course’ on the news. Instead they extended the discussion of ‘responsibly’ moving combat forces out of Iraq (I don’t know but that sounds like ‘cut-and-run’ to me) to one-hundred and sixty pages of pure drivel.

Summary: In one year’s time the study group suggests that we abandon Iraq regardless of whether the Iraqi government (they only mention the interim government, apparently the Iraqi military isn’t worth shit to them) can stand on its own or not. On top of that they want us to give concessions to Iran, Syria, and especially Palestine (even though they have nothing to do with Iraq whatsoever), our adversaries. Ronald Reagan (God bless his soul) must be rolling in his grave.

Sound like ‘peace with honor’ over all again, doesn’t it? It’s true then. We haven’t learned a damn thing from the Vietnam War.