Friday, September 8, 2006

Barbara Lawton: Neo-FemiNazi

On the subject of Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton who was recently interviewed by the Marquette Tribune I was able to attend the Town hall Meeting on the Future of Media last evening presented at the UW-Milwaukee campus and hear her speak (I photos from the event which I will post as soon as I am able to). She went on and on about how women and minorities (mostly women from here neo-femi-Nazi point of view) were underrepresented in positions of power within big media corporations. I found this all to be particularly ironic since the whole was meant to demonize big media conglomerates who were ‘stealing’ the airwaves from the public who ‘rightfully’ owned them. Wouldn’t the under-representation of women in these positions of power be a positive thing from where she was standing? Or is it that she credulously believes that women in such positions of power would be free of sin, corruption, and scandal then her inferior male counterparts? And I’ve been called sexist?!