Saturday, September 9, 2006

Al Gore Preaches at MTV Video Music Awards and Teenagers Don't Give a Damn

Okay, let’s forget for a moment that the MTV Video Music Awards this year were a total bore. I suppose when you don’t have some sort of quasi-lesbian kiss ala Britney-Madonna-Christina then it’s just not as interesting. What do Al Gore and global warming have to do with music videos?! Hell if I know but perhaps MTV could explain themselves why they felt it necessary to have former-Vice President (and current environmental hypocrite) Al Gore on stage preaching to a bunch of teenagers who came to see Shakira. I am well acquainted with the fact that MTV is no longer about the music (when was the last time that TRL actually showed an entire music video, if ever) and that host Jack Black is a staunch liberal but that doesn’t give them the right to ram this down our throats.