Monday, May 1, 2006

Hollywood Promotes Soft-Core Eco-Terrorism for Children

Hollywood has seriously lost its moral conscience. And I say this not just because of the barrage of left-wing propagandist pieces they release each year. Not too long ago a children’s film called ‘Catch That Kid’ showed America’s youth that stealing was alright, as long as it fought against the greedy healthcare industry. Now, ‘Hoot’, a film produced by Jimmy Buffet which opens this weekend alongside the Tom Cruise thriller ‘Mission: Impossible III’, promotes soft-core eco-terrorism for children, just one week after the anti-terrorism drama ‘United 93’ opened in theatres.

Don’t believe me? Here are just some of what the film’s director dubbed as ‘mischievous’ hijinks …

It [Hoot] features environmentally conscious teenage characters vandalizing heavy machinery by stealing parts off of them and flattening tires in order to hinder a development project.

The teens, who ultimately succeed in halting the project, spray paint a police car that is providing security, trespass, rip up surveyors' stakes, place alligators in portable toilets, release poisonous Cottonmouth snakes at the construction site and evade the police. The teenagers also debate stealing the construction trailer and sinking it into a nearby canal to further delay the project.

Furthermore, the executive whose pancake house is being built on the proposed construction site is kidnapped by one of the children, tied up, and gagged. What’s more is that none of the children in this film face consequences for their actions.