Monday, May 1, 2006

Make Your Own Taco Day

As Hot Air pointed out, Fox News is asking the wrong question – does the United States have the spine to protect its borders? I think we’ve finally gotten Bush on our side. The issue of our national anthem being sung in Spanish got him riled up and brought him back to the side of conservatives.

Oh, look! Osama Obama turned out for the festivities in Chicago …

This is not an invasion?

This is a photo of Mexican Zapatista rebel leader Subcomandante Marcos rallying his troops … I mean, his Hispanic brethren. Notice the flag behind him? Yep, that’s the sickle and hammer of the Soviet Union. Somehow I don’t think he’s making a fashion statement.

Truly an ironic choice of words: Equal protection UNDER THE LAW! I wasn’t aware the law gave right to illegal immigrants.

Yeah, LEGAL immigrants! This is why education is so important.