Friday, May 5, 2006

Dudley Do-Nothing

From, Daniel Suhr questions the rationality behind Senator Herb Kohl’s (D-WI) decision to issue a press release this past Thursday about a confidential senators-only briefing he attended. Here’s the answer Daniel – sooner or later he has to make it appear as though he actually accomplishing or doing something. Outside of that brief statement he made during the Samuel Alito confirmation hearing, Senator Herb Kohl has done jack squat. The sad thing about this is that this year happens to be election year for the senator and he’s running unopposed because Wisconsin Republicans has decided to put all their eggs in one basket, the governor’s race, rather then do the sensible thing and diversify. Why do people continue to vote for politicians who don’t do anything? In the nearly four years since Governor Jim Doyle took office, what has he done that hasn’t been either a half-assed copy of Republican proposals (the tax ‘freeze’ – which is not actually a freeze – and lifting the cap ever so slowly on school choice vouchers) or been a step backward in terms of progress? I am not just picking on Democrats but Republicans as well. The Republican Party has the majority in Congress and what have we accomplished? Very little.