Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Al Gore Promotes Global Warming Film on SNL

Expose the Left has video of former Vice President Al Gore opening Saturday Night Live! (hard to believe there was actually a LIVE episode of Saturday Night LIVE! this weekend and not just another repeat but it’s true) as the president of the United States (only in his wildest dreams). In it he cited Michael Moore as a Supreme Court Justice and George Clooney as the newly appointed Chief Justice. Ah, a liberal’s wet-dream.

In addition to that, the Weekend Update segment featured a ‘point-counterpoint’ debate between Al Gore and Amy Poehler on global warming even though liberal pitchwoman Tina Fey cited that global warming was indeed a ‘scientific fact’ (yeah, that it is natural and not man made) and the issue of whether it was true or not was not up for debate. In short, it was a propagandist piece for Al Gore’s new film ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ which he hopes will make people take him more ‘serial’.