Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rumsfeld Catches Reporter in ‘Fallacious’ Question During Pentagon Briefing

Of course you won’t catch this anywhere on the evening news. They’ll still be bashing Rumsfeld left and right but watching this video, I think, makes up for all of that.

QUESTION: Mr. Secretary, getting back to the question of the CIA, the last time we had an active-duty military officer heading up the CIA was even before you were in government, 1953 I believe. And I'm just wondering...

RUMSFELD: What was Vernon -- didn't Vernon Walters do it? Didn't Studeman do it? Yes, I think your facts may be wrong. I have not researched it; I should.


QUESTION: OK. Well, my point remains -- my question remains the same, is: Do you think it's...

RUMSFELD: Even though the premise is fallacious.


QUESTION: It's been a long time. Will you at least acknowledge that it's been a long time since we had an active...

RUMSFELD: There's no rule against it.

QUESTION: Flawed, not fallacious -- flawed.