Monday, March 27, 2006

Green and Ethanol

It is times like these that I worry about Daniel Suhr’s blind support of Rep. Mark Green. Knowing that he once interned for the Milwaukee County Executive, I can’t understand why he chose Green over Walker so early on in the race. Anyone so much as criticizes Green on anything, whether he be deserving of it or not, is labeled as ‘self righteous’. For example, Sean at the American Mind really gave Green what for in regards to his support of the ethanol mandate. Suhr praised Green for not caving into ‘the right-wing on ethanol even as he was getting pounded on both talk and paid radio’. This in spite of the facts that the reasons he gave for supporting the mandate were illogical and went against conservative, as well as economic, principles.

I have a gut-feeling Green may be a RINO. One issue can’t be the deciding factor, I agree, but it is just a gut-feeling. I don’t know as much about him as I did Walker, so I’ll give him time. Right now I am not at all comfortable with the reasons he have for supporting the ethanol mandate. I also see him as less gung-ho about school choice as Walker was.