Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Daily Kos: Feingold Leads All Other Democratic Candidates For President

It seems Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold’s embarrassing efforts to steal the media spotlight away from Hilary Clinton, threatening to censure, yet not impeach, President George W. Bush over the so-called wiretapping ‘scandal’ (this of course in spite of the fact that President Bill Clinton did the exact same thing, only it wasn’t to combat terrorism), has worked (for the time being) as the Daily Kos reports (via the conduction of an online poll – please note polls, especially internet polls, are clearly biased and unless they are conducted properly should not be taken seriously) Feingold leading all other Democratic candidates. It is still too early to tell but Feingold has plenty of time to screw up royally, so I wouldn’t worry. At most I think he is trying to secure a VP spot.