Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Pointing the Finger of Blame

Now I know I am in for a fun time in my Comparative Politics class this year. Last week I alerted you to a left-leaning student in my eleven o’ clock class who could hardly contain her zealousness in declaring ‘Palestine’ a state government. Well, it happened again in this morning’s class, more then once I might add. In fact I was in somewhat of a debate with Professor McCormick, who teaches the course and with whom I have not exactly warmed up to, in regards to specific issues touched upon in our discussion. There was not an actual debate or argument between the two of us per say, it stopped well short of that, but it was certainly building up to that built.

There were at least two main subjects we touched upon in our class’ discussion of current events this morning – the first being the United Nations Oil-for-Food scandal and the other, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and who is actually at fault for the slow recovery efforts. I will save the subject of the U.N. Oil-for-Food scandal for later this evening when I have access to specific information I do not have with me at the moment. I will however take the time to touch upon the discussion of Hurricane Katrina.

A young woman complained how the lack of federal organization or preparation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina reflected upon our reputation through the eyes of the rest of the world. I know I have said this before but clearly some of you out there have not grasped the concept, or refuse to – whatever the case may be, so here it goes – this is not high school. I want the United States to be respected throughout the world as much as anyone else does but I am not willing to risk our sovereignty or what I feel is in the best interest of our nation and the American public in order to make a good impression on a country who will likely hate us next week even if we do the right thing in their mindset. Our main priority is not to worry on how our actions will reflect upon our reputation. In any event, most politicians, even those on the right, see it as completely shattered at this point, so it really does not matter what we do right now because essentially we have nothing else to lose in the eyes of the rest of the world. Our job is now to do the best we can in containing and controlling the situation in the remains of the city of New Orleans, evacuating everyone still alive in those four states, providing suffers with immediate medical attention as well as supplies of food, water, clothing, and any other essentials they may need, and begin the long and arduous job of cleaning up what was left behind in the wake of the hurricane, which includes the removal of dead bodies.

Another young woman, undoubtedly brainwashed into the Cult of Moore to be sure, took the opportunity in the discussion to denounce the war in Iraq and shift the finger of blame for lack of preparation in the aftermath on the current Bush administration. She rationalized, not well I might add, that the stagnated action of the state military forces in controlling the events taking place in the remains of what was the city of New Orleans (the looting, the gangs, the gunfire, etc.) occurred due to the extensive amount of military forces stationed in Iraq when they could have been put to better use here in the United States. This is pathetic! Truly pathetic! You know the left in this country have run clean out of ideas in which to b*tch out the Bush Administration in regards to the war in Iraq when they blame the lack of preparation in the aftermath of a natural disaster no one, especially those within the current presidential administration, could have possibly foreseen two-three years ago when the war started.

You see, I can understand the environmental wackos taking their frustrations out on Bush since everything related to natural disasters, whether it is rational or not – more then likely irrational, is the fault of conservatives who supposedly do not give a sh*t about the environment and are the cause of ‘global warming’. I may not like it, but I can at least see where they are coming from. I will not even get into a debate on how illogical and hypocritical it is to say we as human beings have ultimate control of the environment in causing ‘global warming’ and the unintended consequences which occur in relation to pollution when natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes remain a deadly threat to the citizens of this country, killing hundreds, if not at least a thousand, individuals per year.

As a fellow classmate of mine pointed out, no state in the period of time after Hurricane Katrina made landfall had less then fifty percent of their state military forces, so there were more then enough troops to assist in controlling the riots in the city of New Orleans. The problem was that in order for martial law to take effect, the governor of the state, in this case Louisiana – yeah, the thug, must sign a formal declaration for military assistance to come in and take over the normal administration of justice in that state. Guess what? In all the time the governor of Louisiana stood on his soapbox riling out how the federal government was not doing enough to help out the people of the state or that it was actually an issue of race that was at the core of all this, he forgot to sign the formal declaration for martial law in the state of Louisiana. Military forces in this country were more then willing to assist in the state but they have no authority at the time to make such a decision. They needed the official declaration signed in order for them to be given the power to take appropriate measures in securing the safety and security of the state of Louisiana.