Thursday, August 18, 2005

'Peace Mom' Leaves Camp

After two meager weeks on the ‘frontlines’ of the anti-war movement right outside the Crawford, Texas ranch of President George W. Bush, who is at the moment vacationing there for the end of the summer, ‘Peace Mom’ and heroine to the radical-left Cindy Sheehan has relinquished her post and her cause (‘thanks a lot mom … love you too’, her son would say right now I suspect supposing he would support her in the first place and that she were in fact doing all this for him, which I sincerely doubt) to care for her seventy-four year old mother who recently suffered a stroke. I know this is her mother and all but this cause was reportedly about her son, is that not more important right now? And I ask you why is she the only one in her immediate family, who by the way are back home and do not support Miss Sheehan in any way possible, able to care for her? Her parting words to the legions of flower-power hippies who have come out of the wood-works in support of her cause, which just happens to be their own self-serving agenda … pure coincidence, I suppose, "I'll be back as soon as possible if it's possible," are a perfect indication that there is no way in Hell she is coming back and this wacko’s time in the spotlight has finally come to an end, if only temporarily. No one would include the words ‘if it’s possible’ in their final statement to their supporters unless they were sure they would not return. This is truly saddening. For a cause, even an absurd and ridiculous one as this, which came in on such a strong note, going out on a whimper seems disappointing and just plain pathetic.