Friday, August 19, 2005

Sheehan May Be Gone But The Media Keeps Her Name Alive

I have gotten really sick and tired of hearing the left-wing media all day praising Cindy Sheehan, the self-dubbed ‘Peace Mom’ who relinquished her post in the ditch outside Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch unnecessarily yesterday afternoon so that she may tend to her hospitalized mother who suffered a stroke in California (I do not see why no one else from the family could have taken the time and flown to California to be with her. And I thought this cause was for her son – talk about appreciation), in making her anti-war cause a personal, rather then a political, one. You have to be kidding me! When you have a far-left grassroots organization such as organizing and coordinating support rallies across the country to protest the war in Iraq, how can this be anything but political? More to the point notice how and the other left-wing cult organizations sponsoring the cross-country peace vigils dedicated this project in honor of Cindy Sheehan and not her fallen soldier son or the numerous other sons and daughters who have been lost in this conflict. Kathy Dyer and Ronald R. Griffin however are two parents of soldiers lost in Iraq at least who have decided against venting their frustration and anger in the direction of the Bush Administration but instead toward the insurgents, their sons’ true killers, and the left-wing peace organizations that have sullied the names of the fallen in pursuit of a self-aggrandizing cause.