Friday, August 5, 2005

NYCLU Sues City Over Subway Searches

Do the individuals who make up the ACLU of New York have nothing better to do then to waster their sad, pathetic little lives on a frivolous and entirely asinine lawsuit which only seeks to further the causes and immoral justification of terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda? Oh, wait, I forgot that these are liberal hippies we’re talking about – they have no lives, let alone standing professions from which to create a respectable livelihood for themselves. I can not believe I am saying this (it is a rare event, so pay attention because I am not going to repeat any time soon) but the ACLU does have a point in calling the search inadequate and ineffective. Rather then conducting searches based on racial profiling, in this case young Arab males with backpacks, the current of mayor of New York City has requested that the police conduct a mathematical search, randomly selecting individuals whose contents must be searched, whether they actually pose a potential threat or not. The current trend of PC-bullshit is not only an inconvenience but also a hazard to the safety of American citizens.