Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Bush Appoints Bolton to U.N. Post

Unless you have been hiding under a rock all day you should know by now that this morning President George W. Bush appointed John Bolton as the official United States ambassador to the United Nations, circumventing approval from the Senate where Bolton’s nomination process has been held up for months all due to partisan bickering from the left (and a few in the middle who claim to be from the right) until now. Needless to say the Democrats were not happy upon hearing the news. There’s a shock! In what can only be described as a firm stroke of irony, Senator Ted Kennedy blasted President Bush’s appointment circumvention of the nomination process as a ‘devious maneuver’ as he should know well from experience down by Chappaquiddick. Visit News Max and read the entire transcript of the appointment which took place in the Roosevelt Room within the White House this morning.