Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gyllenhall Has Not Learned Her Lesson

As Ann Coulter once said, if they were the least bit intelligent they would not have gotten into the profession of acting in the first place. About two months ago I reported that twenty-seven year old actress (Place own comment here – It is late and I just want to post this so I can get to bed before I have to head to work tomorrow morning) Maggie Gyllenhaal stated in an interview that she believed the terrorist attacks on September 11th were partially the fault of the United States. Her blasphemous statement sent off a fury of resentment and anger against the young actress within conservative circles. A statement released by her publicist following the backlash in which she stated, “September 11th was an occasion to be brave enough to ask some questions about America’s role in the world” did not help fan the flames. It acted more like gasoline and fueled the fire further. Two months later Miss Gyllenhaal has yet to learn the full ramifications of her statement, insisting that “I regret what I said, but I think my intentions were good”. As the old saying goes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. And somehow I do not see a comment which defiles the grave site of thousands of innocents who died that day as being benevolent in nature. There is nothing America or its allies could have done against the Arab community that would warrant such a vicious and maleficent attacks against innocent civilians in the scope of September 11th. Nothing!