Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Disneyland Trip Report - Day 8: Disney's California Adventure Park

Panarama shot of the "postcard" design of the front entrance to Disney's California Adventure park (this was achieved through the use of editing on the computer - yeah, cheated a little but it looks cool anyway)

A golden elephant above the front entrance gate to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot

The Disney Animation building (it is ironic that this is still here, and will be for quite some time with the addition of 'Turtle Talk', when traditional animation is essentially dead at Disney)

Condor Flats

From the pre-show area of Muppet Vision 3-D ("Take: My Wife, Please")

Spanky's Spectacular Spectacles - We make a statement on your face!

Fragile (and extremely sensitive too!)

2-D Fruities

From the pre-show area of Muppet-Vision 3-D ("Scene: In All the Best Places")

From the pre-show area of Muppet-Vision 3-D

"If you're not completely satisfied ... Welcome to the CLUB!"

Outside the bathrooms in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot near the former Superstar Limo attraction

"What's with the rock?" "I don't know. Must be an ant thing"

"Oh bother, out of ammo ... I'll be back!"

A Cockroach Line


Web Side Story

Beauty and the Bees

A Stinkbug Named Desire

The Dung and I

From the waiting area for "It's Tough to be a Bug!"

One the best pictures I took the entire trip down in California

The Golden Zephyr

Golden Dreams (one of the few attractions I did not visit but I was not too enthusiastic about it to begin with, so it was no loss for me)

Gone with the Chin: Plastic Surgery Center - "We Never Tell"

While the rest of my family went to the Magic Kingdom on our last full day of vacation, I decided to go off on my own and ride what I could at California Adventure ...

The dedication for Disney's California Adventure park

... I was able to ride California Screamin' three times (with no wait longer then twenty minutes - first time the line was only 15 minutes long but the other two times I used FASTPASS) and The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror twice

Cable Car Financial - Riding the Ups and Downs of Finance

A closing shot from Disney's California Adventure park (tomorrow I will post pictures taken from Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular which I took in while I was at the park that day)

Pre-Show entertainment on the Rivers of America before Fantasmic! (pictures from the production I took in that evening will be posted in the next few days)

A banner from the Esplanade (meant as a closing picture from our trip to Disneyland but I took a few more pictures on our last day hanging around the Grand Californian Hotel, so it is just a banner shot)