Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Byrum's Views Shallow, Naive, and Disdainful

The following is a response to a Viewpoint article printed in the March 10th, 2005, edition of the Marquette Tribune and was written by Emily Byrum, a junior at Marquette University, in response to my Viewpoint entitled "Koch's left-wing lie diffuses true intents of war" from the March 1st, 2005, edition of the school newspaper ...

After bitching about how I had been “disrespectful” to the left-wing spectrum of the university with my Viewpoint article (hey, join the club, we have jackets), she then went on to state, “How convenient that Kastner associated left-wing voters with a communist dictator”. Hell, if the boot fits. And why should you people be complaining? Do you hear me harping about the fact that some left-wing radical came straight-out, did not even take the time to lead up to it – just flatly came out, and called me a Nazi (a typical move for the left – when in vein resort to name calling – do not attempt to be clever in your writing skills, just be blunt and childish in doing so)? No, in fact I enjoyed it quite profusely. If I can write an article that angers a leftist off so much that they throw their reasonable thought processing to the wing and bitch out against me with all their bent-up emotions then I have done my job as a conservative commentator. And at least with my allusion to the fact that left-wingers were communists (note that I actually used my brain to come up with a clever way to not only start off the article by boiling up the emotions of the leftists, but I forced them to use the other side of their brain to have them come to that conclusion), I had the facts to back it up. Need I remind everyone how half of FDR’s turned out to be Soviet spies and the left turned a blind ear to it? Or how about the Avalon Project released publicly during the Clinton Administration which supported the claims of Joseph McCarthy but was quickly and suspiciously ignored by both the White House and the liberally-biased media? More importantly, how about the whole of Hollywood jumping to the defense of communist spies during the “Hollywood Blacklisting”, which, to be clear, had nothing to do with Joseph McCarthy despite what the left may claim otherwise.

Speaking of blacklisting, as well as the concept of misconceptions, Emily then went on say that it was wrong that “McCarthy hearings should begin whenever someone decides to question an action their government takes”. First off, Joseph McCarthy was right! God, no politician in the history of the United States has received such a widely misconstrued conception then Joseph McCarthy and his fight against the State Department to get them to admit that they were allowing known Communists to continue working within critical areas of the United States government, including the Army and Navy Departments.

There is a lot to discuss on the subject but right now I have so little time to give the material, as well as the man himself, justice, so why don’t you purchase, or borrow from your local library, Ann Coulter’s Treason in which she discusses the entire matter at length and how the left has twisted his true intents over the years.

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And secondly, nowhere in my article did I ever claim that the government of the United States was in fact infallible (I have not even done this on the blog site), but might I ask how can she assume that the public themselves are definitive as what she assumes I mean when I lambasting the anti-war left?

“How dare he refer to the United Nations as ‘scum’” she went on to exclaim. Hell, how could I not would be the more proper question to ask. What more fitting term could there be for such a despicable and insignificant organization for the United Nations as they have become today?

As I said before, I do not have a whole lot of time in which to spend discussing at length as much as I would like to, but here are just some of the juicy highlights from Jed Babbin’s book entitled, Inside the Asylum, a purchase link of which will be posted following the next couple of paragraphs …

The left in country, while placing so much attention behind the fact that we have not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as Bush claimed going into the war (oops, better tell the NY Times not to run that story about the WMD sites the US has found … too late, but no news media, beside Fox News of course, paid attention, so it doesn’t matter) or how we have supposedly been ‘torturing’ prisoners in the country following our occupation (that reminds me, I have a number of lawsuits to file against friends of mine from high school seeing as how I was so ‘brutally tortured’ during that point in time on several occasions as I recall), has dismissed any discussion whatsoever on the UN Oil for Food Scandal, which deserves so much more attention then anyone, especially the left, have been devoting to it.

Here is the low down – In 1995, the UN Security Council, which I will get into greater detail about on how bad they were and are to this day later in the week, passed Resolution 986 calling for revenue from the sale of oil barrels from Iraq to go toward humanitarian aid for the Iraqi populace. The problem, first off, was that only seventy-two percent of that said revenue actually went to humanitarian aid as had been planned, at least as far as the public mind had assumed. Food and medicine supplies were purchased by Saddam Hussein at inflated prices, with the products themselves being either damaged or entirely worthless in sufficiency to the needs of the civilians, allowing the dictator to pocket as much as $4,000,000 from his dealings. But Saddam Hussein wasn’t the only one who benefited from his oil-bribes for peace (sounds more wholesome then those ‘masturbating for peace’ protests … ugh) – Russia was given 1.5 billion barrels of oil to oppose the US invasion along with George Galloway (British Parliament member and long time socialist), Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnopati, and (surprise, surprise) eleven (only eleven?) French individuals and companies, amongst them quite possibly was Jacque Chirac. Yes, how dare I go about describing the United Nations as scum when they have been so ethical!

She claimed this was yet another sign of disrespect seeing how the United Nations features some of the “most knowledgeable and culturally informed people in the world”, which had me in near stitches from the intense laughter it produced. Seriously, she should be part of that elaborate UN bureaucracy and be a pitch woman for them, because this sounds as if she were actually serious. Bravo! You nearly had me convinced, but then a second later I came to my senses and said, ‘Bull-shit’ – remembering the truth of the matter.

Sure, they are the most ‘knowledgeable’ when they allowed Joseph Stalin, leader of the communist-led Soviet Union, which I hardly believe had any real inclinations toward fulfilling the mission statement of the United Nations, to establish veto power of Security Council resolutions, specifically for Russia and France, convenient enough. If that weren’t enough, the United Nations can not even come to a consensus as to what the term ‘terrorism’ actually means, perhaps that is because they are the puppet tool of the third-world countries that for years have been harboring and supporting known terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda.

And Emily seriously believes that these people are the most ‘culturally informed’ individuals on the planet? Please! Perhaps in their little corner of the tyrannical universe but certainly not within the realm of the free world and democracy. Does anyone recall the United Nations passing a resolution declaring ‘Zionism is racism’ headed by Uganda President Idi Amin Dada? Guess what? They did, by a vote of 72 to 35 back in 1975. Or how about the Human Rights Commission issue back in May 2001 when the United States was kicked off but the country of Sudan, which continues to allow the vile institution of slavery, was allowed to replace us. Of further insult, Libya had been named chair of the commission and the countries of China, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and Saudi Arabia had been allowed to take part as well. Still believe that this is the organization of the most ‘culturally informed’ people on the planet? I don’t think so.

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Emily questions how right-wingers such as myself would “like leftists to support the war”, to which I answer by not committing the clear act of treason against the government of the United States, which Article Three of the United States Constitution defines as ‘in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort’, especially in times of war. Protesting against the war, support Saddam Hussein and his terrorist thugs by acting as human shields prior to the invasion, whatever, but once the United States military is engaged in combat there, then that would be the time to shut up and knock off this ‘bring our troops home’ bull-crap. They’ll come home when the mission is complete and not a day sooner. Yes, it is hard to have them be separated from their loved ones for so long but in times of war sacrifices have to be made in order to protect the security and freedom of not only America but the people of Iraq as well.

And what would a left-wing editorial be without the conventional tactic of using an anti-war propaganda myth to further their particular agenda, which is anything the conservatives support. Harking back to the ‘Adopt a Sniper’ controversy a month or two ago, Emily makes mention to the slogan ‘One Shot. One Kill. No Remorse. I Decide’, which the liberally-biased media claimed was on the bracelets that the website sold to support American Snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan. But if one were to take the time to visit the ‘Adopt a Sniper’ website, it clarifies next to the product, “contrary to the media reports, the 1 Shot, 1 Kill slogan has not appeared on the bracelets”. Yet another Michael Moore-esque conspiracy theory debunked through logic and reason.

By the way, you want to make a contribution to this noble organization and their efforts, please visit their website via the link below and purchase either the bracelet that was previously mentioned or another product offered through their store:

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Miss Byrum claims that she is “extremely grateful for the men and women who serve overseas”, and how much finer way of demonstrating that gratitude then to oppose the job they are doing by following in the foot-steps of the pot-smoking Vietnam hippies proclaiming soldiers as ‘baby-killers’ (seeing as how these people are also strong advocates of abortion, do you not see the irony of they making this statement?) and ‘murderers’?

She ensures the reader that the reason which brought us into this conflict “no longer matters [sic]”, and yet she immediately points to the fact that this was a wrong war (wrong place, wrong time … sorry Senator Kerry, but you are just so quotable) and that the only solution to this is to high-tail it at the first sign of trouble, the liberal sense of logic to every course of action they take on … and people wonder why the genocides and guerilla wars were allowed to take place in Rwanda and Zaire following the ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident in Somalia.

For all the non-stop bitching the left does concerning the innocent ‘civilians’ we supposedly bomb over in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are just as eager to leave those dust-suckers holding the bag when they clamor that the whole situation over there is a ‘huge mess’. No wonder they have made comparisons of this war to that of the Vietnam War … they did not start this war, which turned out to be tremendously successful in nearly every aspect of its adopted mission statements, so they might as well try and make it look like one through the old Nixon ‘cut and run’ strategy when the times get tough. Yeah, we love you bastards too. Thanks for caring.

Emily proclaims that she is actually for the practice of spreading liberty and freedom to the Iraqi people, but (the typical add-on to every statement in which liberals claim to support when they really don’t) not through “imposing American culture and government on the Iraqi people”. What is with the left-wing of this country and their belief that we are attempting to make Iraq into the fifty-first state of the United States of America, though in all respect we certainly could be doing that (and with all the money we spending to defend these people, it would definitely make economical sense). But we have not, nor do we intend to, and our development of such nations as Panama, Japan, and Germany should properly back up that assumption. Yes, let us go back and reinstate the tyrannical dictatorship of Saddam Hussein who acted selfishly for well over thirty years without the consent of the Iraqi people.

This is of course followed by the typically senseless liberal slogan “war never solved anything” and that “there ought to be a better way”. Thank you Sheryl Crow, we’ll be sure to call you when we need you to be the home-wrecking bitch of another steroid pumping bicyclist when we see him. Of course, we should have given the United Nation more time in order to stuff more oil and dirty money into already greased up checkbooks while we attempted to negotiate with a dictator who time and again proved to be unreliable and untrustworthy in living up to the obligations that had been set upon him and his government. I mean, what could a few more months … or years … or decades do in comparison to unilateral military force that could cost the lives of our military men and women as well the expense on our paychecks … I mean, taxpayer money? Let us see, allot him more time to either construct a nuclear weapons program (or even worse, a weapons program concentrated on either chemical or biological agents) or sell the technology and the hardware to accomplish this to terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda which we do know had firm ties with the country.

Wow, now that was a lot of writing ... hope everyone enjoyed it. I should be back some time tomorrow to keep you up-to-date and truthfully informed about the events that affect our world. Now I am going to head back to the dorm and get some sleep because I am beginning to sound like Dan Rather ... narrating the news, not his political ideology ... you know, forget it. Hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!