Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Muslim Student Offended by Pro-Zionist Speaker (Part II)

In further commenting on her statement in which she claimed it was not “in the best interest of the students to have a politician with a loaded political agenda”, one has to question Miss Hamden as to whether she would be making the same statement were a speaker advocating that the Palestinians, not the Israelis, are the true sufferers in this conflict to speak to the student body with a thus said ‘loaded agenda’. Allah forbid! In fact from her point-of-view she would be praising the speaker for bravely issuing such statements in a country that has for decades supported the ‘Zionist pigs’ currently occupying Palestinian land. The left believes in the right to free speech only so far as the person speaking agrees with everything they [the left] believe in and nothing further. Anything beyond that is ludicrous and not worth being spoken for because, as we all should know by now, the left believes they know everything about the American public and consider it their duty to decide for them what the public should or should not hear. As everyone on campus should know by now, I have strongly advocated against using public funds to allow Ward Churchill to speak at the UW-Whitewater but, with that said, I still believe that he should be allowed to speak his mind, no mater how vile that speech may turn out to be. Allow him to occupy a street corner standing a soapbox as in olden times and let him freeze his [non]Indian ass off in the current Wisconsin weather instead of using public money to be spent in the name of hate and indecency.

What had been left out of my discussion concerning Miss Hamden’s reference to Palestinian ‘refugees’ as sardines, in spite of the fact that they had no actual nation from which to have been displaced from in the first place, was that in 1999 the Israeli government conceded to nearly ninety-five percent of the preposterous demands made by the Palestinian authority, including the abdication of the partial of land known as the West Bank. In spite of this, the Palestinians rejected the concession and enacted a series of suicide bombing raids against the innocent Israeli civilians. Again, this longstanding feud has had nothing to do with the objectivity of obtaining or reoccupying any partial of land but rather it has everything to do with the attempted extermination of an entire race of people, or, in more blatant terms, unmediated genocide.

Miss Hamden would have you believe that she is acting within the best interest of the student body of Marquette University in requesting a balanced discussion on the subject of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict but that is merely a ruse in which to justify her disgraceful hate-speech against the Jews and all those who support them against the Palestinian terrorists.