Monday, March 7, 2005

Muslim Student Offended by Pro-Zionist Speaker (Part I)

The following piece, which has just been sent to the Marquette Tribune office via e-mail, was written as a response to an editorial written in the March 3rd, 2005, edition of the newspaper in which Miss Zieneb Hamdan, a junior at Marquette University, spoke out against Dennis Ross’s pro-Israeli stance in the discussion group entitled, “Prospects for Israeli Palestinian Peace”.

Though I myself do not know Miss Hamdan personally, I believe her Viewpoint photo in which she is clearly wearing a veil over her head indicates that she is a Muslim – correct me if I am wrong but I do not recall any culture outside the realm of Islam in which females are required to wear veils over their heads. The following articles, over a period of a few days, are an attack aimed at the Muslim religion in general, of which I hope within my lifetime will be wiped clean from the face of this earth and added to the ash-heap of history along with Communism, and is not meant as a vitriol of Miss Hamdan herself of whom I have had little, if any, contact with.

The discussion will be broken down over the next couple of days in order to keep the flow of new material continuous without having to interrupt the time I need to study for Midterm exams and work on homework over the course of the following week. Within the contents of the next couple of posts I will discuss material that I was unable to include in the response I sent to the Tribune (either due to the seven-hundred word limit, which is more complicated then most people would believe, or the possibility of censorship) as well as few sides issues involving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict taking place in the Middle East.

Here is the editorial response that was sent in on March 7th, 2005:

The reason the left has been so successful in recruiting others to their tactless ideology from amongst the student bodies of universities is that they are able to prey upon the naïve emotional levels of the uninformed and ignorant amongst us to secure their base. I am here instead to educate you with the truth.

Hamden advocated that the land of Israel was taken illegally “from the Palestinians, so Jews from around the world can live even though Palestinians remain sardines in refugee camps”. To begin, does anyone with a brain-cell left in their head authentically believe that a decades-old conflict that has been raging between these two is truly about a paltry, oil-less scrap of land which encompasses less then one percent of the entire Middle East region?

Did either Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin care about the land in their decimation of the Jews in Europe? No, all they were concerned with was the total annihilation of the Jewish race while at the same time spreading their ideological hatred as far into the general populace as they could, a vile act the Palestinians find themselves engaging in today. Muslims would have you believe that if we gave them the land they wanted then the Palestinians would cease the conflict. Funny, the fact that their control of the West Bank failed to thwart their efforts to engage in violent assaults against the Jews in 1948, 1956, and 1967 makes me believe that that is not the reason. Still believe that this is all about land? No, this is about the premeditated malicious genocide of an entire race of people with the hands of Islam stained clearly with their blood.

And what is this about a ‘refugee’ problem? Refugees can not exist if there is no land from which they happen to be displaced from. What anti-Semites such as Miss Hamden refuse to acknowledge is that the area known as ‘Palestine’ was never a nation but instead a loose association of Arab tribes placed under the yoke of the Nazi regime during World War II. Following the end of the war, Britain delivered upon their long outstanding promise to the Jews back in 1917 with the signing of the Balfour Declaration to establish the nation of Israel for the Jewish people, which would become a reality in 1948.

The Palestinians are actually Arabs of the same ethnicity and language as the rest of the Middle Eastern population, with the exception of course for the Jews. So why is there a problem? The reason they continue to be ‘displaced’ is that they refuse to integrate into the Jewish state and the surrounding Arab nations reject their assimilation into their countries in order to preserve the scapegoat they have used in their derision of the Jews. Surprisingly there arose no Jewish refugee crisis after six-hundred thousand Jews were expelled from the newly reformed Arab states due in part to the Israeli government accepting them into their nation. Isn’t that something?!

Hamden further claimed, “It is not in the best interest of the students to have a politician with a loaded political agenda speak about the Middle East”. I hope I am not the only one on this college campus to realize what a truly hypocritical assumption it is to believe that the leftists in this country represent the interests of the American public when they are the ones who decide what is good for you and what is not, rather then you making that decision for yourself. As we should come to suspect from the left, they never truly practice what they preach, invoking the right to free speech only when it serves to benefit the vulgar hate-speech figures such as Ward Churchill preaching their methodology of hatred to the future Stalins of the world.

I believe it was George Orwell who was quoted as saying, “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”, which is exactly what the members of Islam, as well as the left in this country, are doing in the face of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in order to further their particular agenda onto the easily influenced students of college universities such as Marquette University.