Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thoughts on AG Debate: Part 2

Here are my thoughts on the Attorney General Debate: Paul Bucher vs. JB Van Hollen pt 2 as heard on the Charlie Sykes radio program …

Score another one for JB! Bucher claimed that Van Hollen was running from a state-wide debate with him when in fact the two candidates have had at least sixty joint appearances together and nine debate forums this year with four more scheduled before the September 12th, 2006, primary. Van Hollen made a good point that this race should not be about which one of the two candidates gets a seat on the Republican ticket this November but to get the Democrats out of office. Bucher rather then be the bigger man chose to lob more attacks on JB.

I share Charlie Sykes sentiments that I am surprised at the level of hostility between these two candidates. Bucher’s argument that he doesn’t hate JB doesn’t quite add up particularly since he is saying things that would normally be lobbied against an opposing party candidate and not a primary candidate from within the same party.