Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thoughts on AG Debate: Part 1

Here are my thoughts on the Attorney General Debate: Paul Bucher vs. JB Van Hollen pt 1 as heard on the Charlie Sykes radio program …

Paul Bucher does a good job of making himself out to be a real child. He makes JB Van Hollen out to be the next Joseph McCarthy. Problem is Joseph McCarthy was right. Bucher is accusing Van Hollen of using scare tactics claiming that terrorists are collecting funds and training in the state of Wisconsin. While I agree that Van Hollen has not been using the appropriate language for this statement – using ‘are’ instead of ‘may be’ or ‘could potentially be’ – I hardly consider what he said a form of ‘scare tactics’ and frankly I do find what he is saying to be quite conceivable. Bucher’s hounding of Van Hollen on this is low even by his juvenile standards. One of the reasons I am not voting for Paul Bucher as the Republican candidate for Attorney General in the September 12th primary is that he can not be controlled emotionally. While I applaud enthusiasm where it is necessary, this is hardly the time or place.

Paul Bucher’s stance on illegal immigration is wrong or at the very least misinformed. While I agree that illegal immigrants should be deported after they have committed a crime (or even before unless of course they are working diligently and not simply leaching off welfare), it is not the authority of the state attorney general to deport illegal immigrants. Only the federal government has the power to do so.

Oh, and I love how Bucher railed on Van Hollen for ‘running’ from a state-wide debate when the two candidates for Attorney General were debating on a radio program heard throughout the state of Wisconsin.