Friday, August 18, 2006

Shut Up and Do As He Says

Senator Barack ‘Osama’ Obama warned Illinois citizens at his fiftieth town hall meeting about the dangers of ‘gas guzzling’ vehicles and their role in promoting global warming, encouraging them to switch to more environmentally-friendly ‘higher mileage’ cars. The Illinois senator insisted that this would do more for the sake of the nation and the world at large then any drilling in Alaska would. He then left the meeting in a GM Envoy. He of course only left the meeting after he had admitted to a local news reporter to ‘favoring SUVs himself’. Don’t freight though, Obama’s press secretary insists. The senator’s Envoy is a ‘Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV), which can run on e85, a blended fuel made of 85 percent ethanol’. It must be specially designed exclusively for the senator’s use however because as of now General Motor’s Envoy is not E85 ready. This does not make the senator from Illinois a hypocrite though. No, he’s a motivator for people to become something better then himself. Barack Obama, a man of the people and shining example to the rest of the world to become more environmentally active. Just like his partner in crime Al Gore, right ‘Osama’ Obama?