Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Scammers or Terrorists?

What to make of the three Palestinian-Americans (normally I prefer not to use this sort of PC-terminology but it is still up in the air whether they were terrorists or simply scammers, neither of which is good although one certainly outbalances the other) from Texas who were arrested this past Friday in Caro, Michigan after having purchased eighty cell phones (TracFone Wireless Phones to be precise which are virtually untraceable) at a local Wal-Mart. When they were apprehended by the police, the three men were found to have been in possession of over one-thousand cell phones. They claimed that they bought the cell phones to resell them on the black market. What makes this argument suspicious however is that they had separated the battery packs from the cell phones and discarded the battery chargers. Furthermore, what are doing purchasing hundreds of cell phones in the Midwest if you live in Texas? Of course the wife of one of the men who was arrested is playing the race card, saying they were apprehended simply on the basis of their ethnicity. Whether they were white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. I would find it suspicious that three grown men were purchasing nearly a hundred cell phones at one time. The fact that they were Middle Eastern is just an added bonus (TracFone Wireless Phones, besides being untraceable, can also be used as remote detonation devices). Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon enough but in the meantime I believe these men can endure a little inconvenience for the sake of national security. This is the post-9/11 world people, get use to it.