Sunday, July 16, 2006

Goodbye Sweet Negativism

I know this has nothing to do with politics but since I have been light on material as of late, plus I really needed to get this off my chest, I’ll post it anyway. I feel as though I am the only one who truly wants to be here. I hate a lot of the people around me here at the Walt Disney World College Program because a majority of them are here simply for the prestige of having the Walt Disney Company on their resume. Many don’t care about the Walt Disney Company at all; some have either never been to Walt Disney World before or have even seen a Disney animated film which I find particularly sad. Now when I first came down here I did not expect a group of Disney enthusiasts like myself but I did hope for at least a little admiration from people. I run into nothing except absolute negativism since Day One. I don’t like my job either but who does? I hear people complaining because they are wasting their summers. You chose to be here. No one is making you stay. If you don’t like it, go home.

I was hit with an attendance reprimand earlier this week after being late six days last month (not consecutively but over the course of thirty days). I know a number of people, including one of my roommates, one who has been here since May, like me, who I absolutely despise because he is way too high on himself, who have called in sick three days in a row to go to the beach. My roommate, for example, went to Miami in mid-June. And it wasn’t just him; it was a whole group of people – all drunks of course. And guess who has to pick up the slack? The people who don’t call in. Did he receive an attendance reprimand? Yes, but he complained about it and his manager agreed that he should fight it. I worked fifty-five hours this week. I am tired and sick of grouchy customers as much as the next person but I don’t come home b*tchin’ night and day about this place. Does it bug me? Yes, but I don’t constantly rail on the place.

I have only called in sick two days since I have been here. One day, Memorial Day, I called in because I had worked the other night until three in the morning, which I had never done before, and did not get home and in bed until five in the morning. The other day I called in sick I was truly sick – sore throat, nausea, etc. But that’s it. Now I am not a beach person – I can’t swim and I don’t have a swimsuit with me so it kind of defeats the purpose of going to the beach – but I find other ways to entertain myself on days I am SCHEDULED to be off. What do I do on my days off? I go to the parks or the resort hotels. I want to go with other people but there are so few who are as enthusiastic about this place as I am.

We have fun as best we can during work. Despite that, I want to go home right now not because of my job, practically every job is like this every now and then, but because of all the negativism. It’s driving me nuts. There has to be a silver lining somewhere. And don’t say paycheck because plenty of people complain about that as well, particularly those who call in sick for three days in a row to go to the beach.