Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Iran's President Calls Nuclear Issue 'Not Important'

Well the United Nations clearly does not seem to think it is important anyway. Why else would they offer the pulpit to an Islamic fascist dictator in front of the General Assembly? I can not stress enough how this is the equivalent of allowing Adolf Hitler or Mussolini to speak their peace. The president of Iran is this generation’s Hitler and we, not just the United States but the world, have to wake up and put an immediate stop to a threat which is right in front of us. We are dealing with a mad man who literally believes the world is going to end in two or three years and that he has been hand-picked by Allah to destroy all of Judeo-Christian civilization and bring about the domain of Islam. I know I am going to sleep better at night knowing the United Nations is working so diligently to work hand-in-hand with a certifiable mad-man who wants to destroy the West, specifically the United States. Then of course you have the French who just don’t seem to give a damn but that’s nothing new. I can only assume that it has something to do with military defense contracts and kickbacks as was the case with their opposition to the war in Iraq.