Wednesday, September 13, 2006

CENSORED Footage From 'The Path to 9/11'

I have not had the time as of late to weigh in on the whole controversy surrounding the ABC miniseries ‘The Path to 9/11’ although I would imagine it would be pretty obvious where I stand in regards to the opinion that the Clinton administration failed miserably in its efforts to thwart the 2001 terrorist attacks. Red State has kindly provided us with six clips from footage that was edited out of the two-part miniseries at the request of the Clinton administration.

"CLIP #1 - Against a barren central Asian landscape, an American special actionteam moves in for a 'snatch' operation on Osama bin Laden. But backin Washington, DC, Clinton's National Security Advisor cannot bringhimself to make the final call"

"CLIP #2 - The Americans and their local allies are stunned to find themselvescountermanded by the Clinton Administration at the moment ofdecision. Frustrated and alone in a hostile land, they contemplate aneedless failure as their Afghan allies reproach them. Back inWashington, DC, Bill Clinton becomes less preoccupied with Americansecurity, and more preoccupied with his impending impeachment. Outin east Africa, al Qaeda plots its next move"

"CLIP #3 - In Nairobi, Kenya, horrific slaughter ensues as al Qaeda attacks theAmerican embassy. Clinton's DCI receives a teary remonstrance fromthe only sane person in the entire American intelligence hierarchy in those days"

"CLIP #4 - A team of Americans and Kenyans tracks a reluctant jihadi through aNairobi slum. A chase ensues, and the fugitive is caught. 'American-devil!' he yells in Arabic, but one assumes real devils wouldn't take prisoners. A threatening crowd of slum-dwellers gathers, totingmachetes, but the Americans escape. Back in DC, bureaucrats and theNSA discuss how the Lewinsky investigation is hampering thePresident's efforts. Madeleine Albright argues against taking on theTaliban on purely legalistic grounds. William Cohen opines thatgoing to war is an 'overreaction.' The clown carnival plans its infamously ineffectual cruise-missile strikes on Afghanistan and the Sudan. The Sudanese are predictably irate"

"CLIP #5 - The Sudanese express their anger at America by trashing their ownneighborhoods. Ayman al-Zawahiri calls ABC News for a friendly chat. Massoud's Northern Alliance suffers a Taliban offensive in response to the American strikes. Massoud himself is piqued: why did the Americans ever trust the perfidious Pakistanis whose forewarning saved bin Laden? Thank God we've learned that lesson. George Tenet, Sandy Berger and Madeleine Albright exchange harsh words"

"CLIP # 6 - Khalid Sheikh Muhammed: champion offroader! And hideous villain, too -- the man has it all. We see an al Qaeda training camp in operation. It's like the Boy Scouts, but with automatic weapons, none of the Christian overtones, and twice the recreational sodomy. KSM reveals he has a secret plan in mind. He calls it "The PlanesOperation." It involves....planes. As dusk falls, the jihadismachine-gun a projection screen upon which Clinton's visage is speaking, thereby eliminating the sole source of entertainment in Waziristan, and disrespecting their own MVP. KSM and al-Zawahiri exchange tender words. Much desert scenery and ululating ensues"