Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Momma Moonbat Pulls Stunt at State of the Union Address

Wow, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey’s attempt to coddle up to Cindy Sheehan has really backfired, hasn’t it? Well, what else do you expect from a self-absorbed moonbat like her? Not much I dare say, not much at all.

I think her ugly mug is pretty easily recognizable. So what if she was invited? What do you think she was going to do there? Sit quietly and listen intently to what the president had to say? Yeah, that would happen. Kick her out. It doesn’t matter what you do, she’s going to get publicity out of this. Either the press will goggle over her if she sits through the address, she raises Hell if she’s kicked out, or she’ll get press for her stunt with the banner. So why give her a chance in the first place? Someone really dropped the ball on this one. Heads better roll tomorrow for this, that’s all I have to say about it.