Thursday, December 22, 2005

Congress Allocates One More Month Toward Congressional Democratic Bush Bashing

I can not tell you how ashamed I am today to hear this news. Not because the Patriot Act was extended for one month by the House of Representatives and six months by the Senate. In fact I defend the creation and the necessity of the Patriot Act with my life. What I am ashamed of however is the Congressional Republicans, with the exception of Jim Sensenbrenner, a gritty man who has taken way too much unnecessary shit for his actions this year, who caved in to the partisan bantering of the left, namely Russ Feingold who ignorantly believes he is securing his presidential nomination with this filibuster effort, and compromised on an extension of the Patriot Act. Here’s a news flash to Feingold – nobody outside of the state of Wisconsin knows who the Hell you are, so you have no shot in Hell in garnering the nomination, particularly with Hillary running. I am further ashamed of the Congressional Democrats … scratch that, the Democratic Party in general who do not take the security of this nation seriously at all. They care more about the partisan score sheet on Capitol Hill then they are about protecting this country from yet another September 11th, or worse. Screw the extension! The Patriot Act is vital in winning the war against terrorism and should be made permanent. What the extension accomplishes is that is allows Congressional Republicans retreat to their holes in the ground and push back the date on which to seriously debate this issue. Furthermore, it allocates a few months for Congressional Democrats toward their Bush bashing.